About Me

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy very close by, I was an attorney. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and found that it just wasn't for me. Working as an attorney is just one of very many jobs and various industries I have worked since I was 16 when I worked at Blockbuster. Yes...Blockbuster.

Fast forward to my engagement, my wedding, my wife’s bump, and my daughter being born. They all had something in common: I paid someone to take photographs. Each time I thought, well I can do that, and it looks fun. I always liked photos, not necessarily having them taken of me, but the memories and the smiles when people saw them.

I bought my first DSLR camera camera around 2014. My wife, Sherrie, bought me a few classes on basic photography that I enjoyed. It wasn’t really until Harper was born that I became passionate about photography. Then on a trip to Prince Edward Island, my father-in-law spotted two bald eagles perched on a tree right near our house rental. I ran to get my camera. The excitement was almost shocking.

I love wildlife photography, but the birds usually don’t smile when I unveil their photo galleries.

Since making photography a profession, I have honed my "eye" and my skills so that my expertise can be a tool for you. Please know that your experience as a client is just as important as the final images that you receive and ultimately hang throughout your home-and I know that those final images are immensely important to you as they are to me.

The Process

We start with a consultation via email, phone, or zoom. I'm happy to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to reach out.

For the photo session, please be punctual, even early when you can. Sunsets and light change quickly! Keep reading below for more on the session.

Within 2 weeks of the session we will have an unveiling/ordering session at my office, your home, or virtually. At the meeting I will present you with your photos, show you product samples, and go through the ordering process.

What to Expect

Hopefully some fun!

I have a school aged daughter and a young son, so I know how tough it can be. Staying upbeat will help your family and the final photos.

I will do my best to make the session fun, cimfortable, and as my mom would say, "quick and painless."

I will ask yo do different poses, some candid's, and most importantly, what you you want! (so please ask)

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Just be yourself, relax & enjoy the momemnt, and act naturally

Full payment for the session is required before the session. I will send you an invoice, payment retains your date.

I go through all of the photos at our session and find the best ones. I then edit those. Post processing is the most time consuming part of of my process. Please know that the images I don't present to you are not shown for many reasons, including my errors (ex. not in focus), your facial expressions, repetitiveness, and more.


I am happy to offer suggestions of locations nearby that help make your photos pop. Feel free to check out my recommended spots list by clicking the rectangle below. It is a work in progress.

I love exploring, so if you have a spot in mind that I don't know, please let me know. I will do my best to scout it out before our shoot.

Please note than there will be a traveling fee for any locations that is over 20 miles from Sandwich, MA. (50 cents a mile).

Recommended Outdoor Locations



Neutral shades and warm tones work best with some pops of colors the compliment other family members colors.

Solids and textures are your friend.

Too many patterns or textures are your enemy, but can be great if used in moderation.

Think timeless styles, rather than trends


Plan ahead!

Dress for the weather-bring layers in colder seasons. Handwarmers work great for times someone is not being photographed.

Session at the beach?
There will likely be a lot more wind than anywhere else, so please think about hair styles and warmth.

Don't forget the bug spray for those pesky gnats, mosquitos, & greenheads.

Uncomfortable kids make for unhappy photos.

Remember how you decorate your home. When you make your wall art purchases, you want to make sure your outfit choices do not clash.


Clouds are ususally a good thing

I will most likely check in with you a few days before your session and check the weather.

Some clouds are awesome for me. It allows me to go anywhere to shoot. (otherwise the bright sun can create shadows on faces).

Dark completely overcast skies are not so great. Rain is a no-go. Wind can get very annoying and sometimes cause rescheduling too.

If for some reason, weather causes a problem, I will do my absolute best to reschedule you. If for specific reasons, rescheduling is not possible, I will refund.

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Parents- A.B.S.-"always be smilin'"

What I mean is that when your kiddos finally make that perfect smile(s) and you are yelling at them or not paying attention or just not smiling, we all will be disappointed. In the same vein, do your best to stay positive throughout the session and let me take the reigns when I can.

If I don't remind you, please make sure there is nothing in your pockets or anywhere that something looks like it is bulging out (think a cellphone in khakis)

I am more than happy to respect anyone's privacy, BUT in order for me to do so, you must tell me in writing that you do not want me to use your photos for marketing purposes, on my website, and/or on social media!