Despite what it may feel like, we don't just book a session, show up, take a few pictures, and get paid. Well hopefully all those things happen, but there is so much more involved.

Hopefully after you read this you will have a little glimpse into why finding an awesome photographer is very important and that those awesome photographers are definitely "worth it."

Many photographers use the word investment to describe their sessions to clients. Maybe a little over the top, but I think it does hold true. You are investing in your memories. Whatever the type of session, a good photographer will get you beautiful photos that evoke emotions and make you really feel something. The images will take you back that frozen moment in time. One of my clients recently told me that he walks by a photo on his fridge every morning and smiles. That is what I aim for.

I know that many people and clients can't believe the fees for their sessions and prints. I would love to help explain where these prices come from and why they are worth it.

  1. Overhead
  2. While many photographers like myself don't have a studio or brick and mortar store, there are a lot costs associated with being a professional photographer.
  3. Recurring overhead
  4. Website costs
  5. Gallery hosting software
  6. Cloud Backing of Photos
  7. Photo editing software
  8. Marketing and many more I probably can't think of
  9. Equipment
  10. My cameras and lenses all range in prices, but think in the thousands. They are don't last forever and technology is changing quickly.
  11. Don't forget lighting equipment, tripods, and other accessories
  12. Computers that can run those extremely taxing editing software
  13. Time
  14. So those are just some of the actual costs. What about time?
  15. All those emails, zooms, and phone consults take a lot of time. Scheduling, rescheduling, helping with ideas, the time really adds up. I would also think that most photographers would agree that the most time consuming part of occupation is post processing/editing. The time it takes to go through those hundreds to thousands of photos we take during your session/event and then edit those photos can be crazy. Think long dayS not just a few hours. It also takes a lot of experience and education to actually do these edits.
  16. And as we all know "time is money."
  17. Experience
  18. I have spent years learning all the aspects of photography as well as running a photography business. Our equipment can be very difficult to master. As discussed, the time to use all the different software we use, takes a ton of experience. Don't forget the sessions themselves. If a photographer runs a smooth session that is a fun experience, that just didn't happen overnight.

Hopefully if you made it through this, you have a better idea of the value of a great photographer and why they are definitely "worth it."