Stay upbeat and Be pOsitive

I have a 6 year old daughter, so I know how tough it can be when kids don't listen. . Positivity rubs off, especially during photo sessions.

what to wear

  • Neutral shades and warm tones work best with some pops of colors that compliment other family member's choices.
  • Solids and textures are your friends. Too many patterns or prints are not.
  • Think timeless styles rather than trends because these may be up in your home for a long time!
  • Dress for different types of weather. Weather can change quickly on beaches and sometimes it is much cooler/windier on the beach than elsewhere.
  • If you plan to display these photos at your home (I hope so) remember to think about your color palette at home so they don’t clash.

wear Sunscreen & bring BUG Spray

Even late in the day, the sun on the beach can be strong.

At some locations, it can get pretty buggy, so having some bug spray doesn't hurt.

Be Punctual

Most beach sessions are set up to be right around sunrise/sunset. If you are not punctual, you run the risk of missing the best light that helps me create the best images. Even worse, we may not have enough time because it gets too dark.

Also during the sessions, please try to not disappear. Obviously we all need to get a snack, run to the car, etc., but please make sure your timing is ok. Within what they call the "golden hour" of light, there is usually 5-10 minutes that are ideal. You don't want to go missing during that time.

always be smiling

This mostly goes out to parents and other adults. I am going to do some goofy stuff and say silly things to make the little ones smile (hopefully). If the smiles are few and far in between and an adult is either not smiling, yelling at their kids, or day dreaming when all the kids happen to be smiling, that perfect image could be lost....And I'll tell your wife!